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From 2007 to 2011 we mirrored each other with near perfect timing as we moved our lives between Toronto, the Cayman Islands and back again.


Graig was trying his hand at working abroad as an electrician for the first time, in the Cayman Islands, while Kaitlyn was pursuing an arts degree from the University of Toronto.


Kaitlyn also spent time in the UK attaining her masters degree, while Graig came back to Canada to be with his father, and kept himself busy by attaining his own masters (electrician) certification.


In the fall of 2011 when we both were finally settled back into life on Grand Cayman at the same time, the stage was set. 


We met originally through two of our more... colourful friends - Mike & Anita, but it was clear to both of us from the start that we had stumbled into something worth holding onto. Within a month of dating we booked a trip to Europe together, and by the time we returned from that trip, we decided to move in together.

Thank you for joining us as we celebrate the next chapter of our lives together.




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